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Church is an angel of truth and dare

By Jane Graham

It must be nice being Charlotte Church sometimes. She made so many millions when she was the Voice of an Angel that she has the freedom to do what many of her contemporaries dare not - tell the odd bit of truth.

And this week she's upset people with her observation that the Queen is just "an old woman who has no idea what's going on".

To be fair, Charlotte's opinion is based on personal experience - apparently she's met the Queen seven times at functions and Royal Variety shows and not once has the old dear remembered who she was.

This kind of breezy frankness is not something which often occurs in the modern entertainment world, especially among young female celebrities.

This is a breed so desperate for continued mainstream popularity, commercial endorsements and possibly a career in conservative America they are afraid to say anything off-record.

Church however, has always enjoyed ruffling feathers, and possesses more chutzpah than her contemporaries, which is why she hosted a Channel 4 show in which she played tricks on other celebs, hammed herself up and revealed herself to have a mouth like Frankie Boyle stuck in a lift with a BBC Compliance Officer.

Her latest comments - she also described Tony Blair's keenness to sit next to her at a Chequers dinner as "a bit f***ing odd" - might upset a few protectionists but isn't it nice to hear a celebrity say in public the things they actually think in private?

Think she might have lost the 'angel' tag for good though.


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