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Comedy gig to make your eyes water

By Jane Graham

Many readers will be aware of the Onion, the unrivalled king of newspaper satires which gave us treasures like 'Irrepressible Bad Boy Slays Seven' and, my favourite, '"Only in New York" says area man being mugged by Stanley Tucci at top of Empire Building.'

Northern Irish fans can get a dose of Onion humour at the Black Box on Tuesday, when contributors Joe Pickett and Nick Pruether bring to town their excellent 'Found Footage Festival', a showcase of weird and wonderful VHS tapes they've picked up over the years at car boot sales, and vaguely illegally, in the overflow of domestic bins.

The videos all sound very funny, but I think my favourite will be the industrial safety video featuring on the job accident re-enactments.

Though the one with the woman whose enthusiasm for crafts 'borders on psychotic' sounds pretty good too. With Joe and Nick there to guide us, I reckon this could be a really special one-off gig.


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