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Coronation Street should have held fire on plot

By Jane Graham

In these times of too much information, film and TV fans often go to huge lengths not to ruin movies and shows for those who haven't yet seen them.

Web discussions are prefaced by thoughtful Spoiler Alert warnings and reviewers dance around discussions of narrative to avoid leaking plot twists (I am gruffly reminded of this rule whenever I review anything on live radio).

In general, this is a community which understands how crucial to drama suspense is, and how powerful surprise or unexpected sadness.

How cynical and disrespectful towards its committed audience it is then for Coronation Street's makers to issue a press release announcing the Rovers is about to burn down and a major character killed off. Will it push up ratings?

I hope not. If this is how the show rewards viewers' loyalty, with a bombshell announcement even the most cautious fan couldn't avoid, I'd find my soap fix elsewhere.


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