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Damian Lewis making an impression

By Jane Graham

Are there any hot-blooded creatures out there who saw Damian Lewis on Jonathan Ross and didn't fancy him?

The man has everything. He looks fantastic in a suit and, unlike so many men on TV who can afford decent clothes but still appear to stubbornly plump for a shiny polyester that doesn't fit at the shoulders - yes I'm talking about you, Duncan Bannatyne - he knows how to pick a good one (midnight blue with sugar pink shirt, delicious!).

He's funny - signing a Homeland DVD for Obama with 'from one Muslim to another' was inspired; irreverent - his impersonation of fellow Eton-ite David Cameron was disrespectful, insulting and hilarious; and, sexiest of all, he can dance. While other guests shrank back in fear at the challenge of demonstrating their Gangnam Style shapes, he immediately threw the kind of impromptu, unself-conscious funkster moves that make women's hearts leap with delight. Homeland was already Appointment Viewing. Now it's Cancel the Dinner.


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