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Daniel gives Kardashians a dose of reality

By Jane Graham

Like many of us media-watchers, Daniel Craig has thoughtfully weighed up the pros and cons of reality television and concluded that America's reigning queens of confessional telly, the Kardashians, are 'f***ing idiots'.

'You can't buy your privacy back,' he said in an interview with GQ this week. 'You filmed your birth and showed us the placenta and now you want some privacy?'

I've always liked Daniel Craig. No, not because of the rugged good looks but because even when he was a shambling homeless eccentric sporting a matted beard and multi-stained overcoat (in BBC drama Our Friends in the North), his talent shone like a Quality Street wrapper.

His interviews showed a keen intelligence and unstaged frankness. But the best James Bond ever frustrates the tabloids because he works so hard not to drop gossip-worthy crumbs, even managing to keep his marriage to A-lister Rachel Weisz secret earlier this year.

He's absolutely right on this. Fans of Kim Kardashian's car crash TV show - who lapped up her 72-day marriage like soft-brained puppies - will feel slighted. And the TOWIE-heads will call Craig a po-faced spoilsport. But the gradual acceptance of celebrities who make life-choices on the basis of what makes good telly (like the allegedly 'cash-strapped' Jordan reportedly assuring her financial advisers that the cash will pour in again once she secures a 'man and a baby') isn't just idiotic, it's grotesque. The collusion between exploitative TV makers and 'f***ing idiots' should be publicly scorned. Bold, gifted and a bit gorgeous, Craig is just the man to nail it.


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