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Dave, it's time we divorced

By Jane Graham

Isn't it annoying when your husband does that thing of looking interested while you list all the things he's doing that are driving you mad, says he's heard every word and will think about your concerns, then gets up the next day and carries on behaving exactly as he was?

It's just plain rude when you've gone to the trouble of collating your complaints and done everything reasonable to vent your frustrations without actually getting violent.

Isn't this supposed to be a partnership, a two-way deal?

Yet when you question his refusal to make even the slightest of alterations, he tells you he considered your comments and respects your feelings, but he's thought about it and decided he was right and you were wrong and he's not changing a damn thing.

Oh hang on, am I mixing myself up with the population of Britain and confusing my husband with David Cameron again? Oops sorry, I'm always doing that!

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