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Diet whingers just make me sick

By Jane Graham

Yet again scientifically-based advice on diet has been met with idiotic whining about the 'nanny state' supposedly 'dictating' our lives.

Reacting to extensive research by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition on the impact of blocking our digestive tracts with processed red meat, the Government has recently issued guidelines on sensible weekly amounts of the said ingredients.

There was, you might note, no suggestion that ignoring this advice would lead to arrests, yet the mere act of offering helpful information for those keen to stay on the healthy side of heart disease got some folk so riled they demanded that the Government stop 'interfering' with their lives.

Presumably they would prefer it if MPs kept such research a secret and only released it to their own friends and family.

And the same would go for governments of the past 'pushing' findings on the dangers of nicotine, asbestos and thalidomide, I suppose?

Talk about a bunch of stupid meatheads.


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