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Dignified Doreen Lawrence deserves honour

By Jane Graham

I'm usually sceptical about high-profile victims of crime being made political party tsars or "rewarded" for their experience by being gifted a seat in the House of Lords, but I'm glad Doreen Lawrence is to be made a Labour peer.

I can't express enough my admiration for Lawrence, who has remained dignified and at least publicly balanced in the face of losing her adored teenage son, and then being hit with an appallingly mishandled court case which saw suspects walk free and led to accusations of institutional racism and cover-ups in the Metropolitan police. She's also had to recently deal with suggestions of a smear campaign by the police against her family.

How has she borne it, the unthinkable unfairness, the cruelty of it all? That the special needs teacher and founder of the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust hasn't committed any acts of extreme violence herself makes her a heroine of inexplicable self-control to me.

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