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Don't be fooled by Tory share scam

By Jane Graham

This latest Tory scheme - to bribe existing employees (or force new ones) to surrender their employment rights for tax-free company shares - is a hoot isn't it?

Even The Thick Of It's Armando Iannucci, in his darkest, most evil-inspired midnight hour, didn't think of this whopper.

Even Austen Powers' Dr Evil, his head full of murderous skull-duggery and ill-tempered seabass, couldn't have come up with this masterful plan to exploit and demean that despised Tory enemy 'the people'.

So many questions, so little room...

1) How much will your shares be worth if your company goes bankrupt? 2) Will your shares provide a comfortable pillow if, the day after receiving them, 11am coffee'n'doughnuts is interrupted by your being hoisted out of your chair by a couple of heavies and unpolitely dumped outside the building, your briefcase tumbling after you? 3) How does George Osborne sleep at night?

Like a baby probably.


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