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Don’t be yourself Darryn

By Jane Graham

No matter how inane, obscure and annoying the housemates are, Celebrity Big Brother always offers a welcome insight into the state of the nation.

And one thing it repeatedly confirms is that in the UK there is no defence for bad behaviour more commonly employed — and unquestioningly accepted — than ‘I’m just being myself.’

Paparazzo Darryn Lyon, a deeply insecure and vulnerable fellow who imagines himself the epitome of streetsmart wisdom, uses this phrase regularly.

He seems confident that it excuses the most heinous displays of backstabbing and tastelessness.

“Hey,” he said to a sympathetic Amy Childs. “Sorry if you don’t like it but I’m just being me. I’m not fake. What you see is what you get.”

Gaddafi should try it when they find him. “Sorry for all them crimes against inhumanity but I was just being myself. At least I kept it real.” The SAS would probably high-five him — “Respect!” — and let him off with a caution.

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