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Don’t dare turn off your brain while I rant

By Jane Graham

Studies on the brain activity of the genders this week has proven what many of us have known for centuries — men switch off when they’re arguing with women.

Despite maintaining eye contact, nodding gravely and even managing to repeat, parrot-fashion, phrases which have been thrown at them — phrases like “Why don’t you ever listen?’ for ironic example — studies at the University of California have shown that, when confronted with an angry face, men tend to stop concentrating, their brains emitting less than usual (!) levels of empathy.

Sometimes you have to wonder about Mother Nature. We regularly refer to her as the great arbiter of all that is ‘correct’, so why do so many of her natural laws make life so damn difficult?

It’s tough enough that men and women rarely agree on map-reading, planning ahead and what constitutes a spontaneous gesture — but making men incapable of paying attention when we’re reeling off their faults seems downright perverse.

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