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Er, just how did religion suddenly become the new rock 'n' roll?

By Jane Graham

He might not be the most obvious dude to name-drop at the after show but God is all the rage in rock 'n' roll these days.

Declaring your religious allegiance used to be the sole preserve of clean-cut squares and old school soulsters, but this year has seen numerous actual-cool rock bands queuing up to high five the All-Omniscient, including Kings of Leon, Mumford and Sons and now Brandon Flowers of The Killers. The delectable Flowers (whose performance in that seminal study of sexual jealousy, the video for Mr Brightside, could convert a nun) has made a film promoting the Mormon church he was raised in, saying the religion is still "a fire burning inside" him.

Alice Cooper also told me this week that he is a dedicated Christian and goes to church every week. I must get down with this stuff before I risk looking out of touch. Has this God chap written anything that could kick me off?


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