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Freedom gong for a music giant

By Jane Graham

If I could have been anywhere this week I'd have been in the White House (modest ambition) watching President Obama give the Presidential Medal of Freedom - the US' top civilian honour - to Bob Dylan.

The medal is awarded to those whom the President believes have had an 'incredible impact' on society. Obama singled out Bob's contributions to the civil rights movement through the years and said: "There is not a bigger giant in the history of American music.

"All these years later, he's still chasing that sound, still searching for a little bit of truth." A sneaked picture of Bob nervously fixing his tie before he stepped out revealed a tiny bit of what it might mean to him.

As someone who truly believes that great art can change people for the better, this whole event made me feel very good. Not sure if David Cameron gushing over the Kaiser Chiefs would have the same effect.


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