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George's ideal for the night ... then leg it, girls

By Jane Graham

There are few A-list Hollywood stars I like more than George Clooney.

I've always said there was only one thing that stopped the clever, warm, heart-stoppingly handsome political campaigner being my perfect mate - and that was his clear disinterest in commitment and kids. I'm sure Clooney was gutted when he heard that, for me, that was a deal-breaker not even he could override.

I understand the excitement which has greeted the news that Clooney has broken the heart of yet another adoring and aesthetically blessed girlfriend, but I do question the selection process of the next woman who hooks up with him for any length of time.

Chances are she, like lots of her predecessors, will eventually dream of marrying him and/or making a father out of him. (We know they all do, because they usually give interviews saying so - just before an 'amicable split' is announced.) And when he leaves her in pieces, she will probably conclude that all men, even George Clooney, are b******s in the end.

They're not. The truth is that too many women are stupid about men, even when they're sporting flashing signs around their necks saying 'Will Never Commit'. I've met so many women who bemoan their bad luck with men, having got together with a series of guys who mistreated, disrespected and then left them. It rarely strikes these women that their unfortunate run has anything to do with them at all.

Guys like George are great - spectacular - for a night, but smart girls make a run for it after that.


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