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Gisele, mother of all nonsense

By Jane Graham

Anyone who says beauty comes from within hasn’t spent much time with supermodels. We all know that a job working with Naomi Campbell requires body armour and a helmet.

And it’s clear from watching Britain’s Next Top Model that Elle ‘my aim is to cherish myself’ MacPherson, while looking incredible for a nearly fifty-something, isn’t the sharpest set of thinning scissors in the salon.

And now we have Gisele Bundchen, the dumbest of the lot. After having a go at mothers-to-be who didn’t fixate over their diet while pregnant — or treated their bodies like ‘human garbage disposals’ as the woman with God-given limbs like a newborn fawn put it — Bundchen has now concluded that breast-feeding for the first six months of your baby’s life ‘should be a worldwide law’.

It’s not often that words fail me, but I was left truly gob-smacked by the level of ignorance and arrogance this comment demonstrated.

It’s not just that Bundchen is happy to set herself up in moral judgment of millions of women she knows nothing about — having easily passed her own ‘good mother’ test, of course.

It’s not even that she clearly knows nothing about the complex reasons why many women can’t breastfeed.

But the notion that, as a famous supermodel, her opinions on the ways lesser mortals bring up their children are of such weight and validity that they should be legally enforced?


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