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Go on Andy, ace the English

By Jane Graham

As we enter a new Wimbledon, I really hope Andy Murray can give it a real go, mainly so he can get right up the nose of those bitter Murray-haters who resent his every success.

Murray's victory at Queen's last week was notable for the lack of real support among homegrown tennis fans, with many British voices shouting encouragement to his opponents throughout his matches.

Anecdotal evidence suggests the main reason for Murray's lack of popularity is down to a joke he once made at the expense of his pal Tim Henman whom he wound up on the eve of the World Cup by saying he would support 'anyone but England' in the tournament.

Henman, used to Murray's typically Scottish cajoling, saw the funny side but many of his countrymen - the kind, ironically, who like to moan about 'chippy Scots' - have never forgiven the No. 4 seed.

Let's hope he shuts them up with a few aces next week.


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