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He may be on the short side, but Tom Hollander’s a very sexy Rev

By Jane Graham

This week saw the last episode of the slow-burning treasure that was BBC2’s Rev — a sitcom based around a doubt-plagued Anglican minister and his flock.

It didn’t have the brilliant one-liners of the Thick of It, or the gut-achingly funny bones of The Office. But I fell in love with this thoughtful, mournful, eccentric show, with its moments of Father Ted silliness and its tender portrayal of a troubled but good man and his warm, protective marriage.

The way a telling comment about the couple’s inability to have children was slipped in next to a daft bit of slapstick felt as close to real life as a half-hour sitcom could get. And most impressively of all, Tom Hollander’s performance made a vertically challenged man in an outsized dress that swished around his little ankles sexy. Give the guy a Bafta!

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