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Hilton’s Marilyn stunt just stinks

By Jane Graham

I had to laugh when I saw pictures of Paris Hilton dressed up as Marilyn Monroe to promote her new perfume this week.

And I wasn’t just snorting at the notion of Hilton’s TENTH endorsed fragrance (how many smells does she think her ‘fans’ get the chance to emit in the average week?).

Nor was my mirth activated by the mere idea of celebrity perfumes — though I do think that, of all the embarrassing situations that greedy, spotlight-addicted stars agree to be placed in for promotional reasons, the interview in which they gravely divulge why the smell of lemon helps them reconnect with their inner child is the most hilarious.

No, I laughed cruelly, and mockingly — something I try to avoid doing, but often make an exception for when it comes to Paris Hilton — at the suggestion of a kinship between the over-privileged heiress who regards making public appearances in nightclubs as hard work and displays complete ignorance about the world beyond the Hamptons whenever she opens her mouth, and the talented and intelligent Monroe.

I’m sure Paris sees Marilyn as a kindred spirit; it’s likely she knows little about the actress apart from the fact that she was a beautiful blonde American icon.

She may have heard that many saw a sadness in Monroe’s eyes, and fancy that there is similar mystery and vulnerability in her own face. But then few of us look in the mirror and see only empty vanity and stupidity staring back at us — even if that really is all there is.

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