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Holly right to snap over photo slur

By Jane Graham

Good on Holly Willoughby for taking on the Sunday Sport and winning this week.

For years the 'hilarious' rag has got away with gross misogynistic conduct by adopting a Viz-like persona to use as a get-out clause when accused of humiliating young female celebrities on its front page. Its ruse of 'Angelina in sex pics shocker'-style headlines, followed by a story which reveals said celeb is likely to be outraged by 'raunchy photos' of a woman who looks a tiny bit like, but is definitely not, her, has long been par for the course, but is rarely contested. Instead people have merely shrugged their shoulders and rolled their eyes, afraid of being seen as humourless if they choose not to see the joke.

Perhaps buoyed by the spirit of Leveson, Holly Willoughby decided to take a different tack. The Sport had printed a picture of a young women getting out of a car, taken from a ground-level angle which ensured a good view of her knickers, and implied the woman was Holly Willoughby. The usually amiable Holly failed to see the funny side. She took the Sport to court and won damages (which are going straight to charity) and a very visible front page apology.

There's nothing funny about the practise of upskirting, which Kirsten Stewart once compared to being raped by the eye. I hope this slams another nail into the coffin of its bafflingly still-legal status. That might be a crazy dream, but I applaud Holly Willoughby for trying.


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