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Home Office refusal of asylum to interpreter adding insult to injury

By Jane Graham

It might look good on your CV but I don't advise working as an interpreter for the British Army.

Especially if you're a foreigner expecting to be protected when your endeavours result in death threats from dodgy outfits like The Taliban. After more than a year's wait, 26-year-old Afghani Mohammed Rafi Hottak had his request for UK asylum denied this week by a Border Agency who say his Army ID cards and references from British officers aren't "sufficient proof" that he worked with UK troops in the first place.

As far as we know, no one in the military has disputed that he worked with them for five years. During which time he was wounded by a bomb which killed a British captain.

He says he is "very, very sad" that it's taken the Home Office so long to simply say they're not convinced of his identity. Makes you oh so proud to be British.


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