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How Adele really made a point

By Jane Graham

It's pretty ironic that it was just as Adele was reminding the BRITS audience that America had gifted with her six Grammys and treated her like a queen that ITV execs rudely interrupted her acceptance speech and had her ushered from the stage.

As one of our most lucrative and internationally renowned exports, you might expect us to treat the 23-year-old phenomenon with respect when she came home. Especially as she'd just won Best Album, the most prestigious award of the night. But no, some 'suit', as Adele called the ITV honcho who pulled the plug, decided to make the clearly uncomfortable host James Corden shush her after 12 seconds so that cameras could cut to Blur's long set of hits from the nineties instead.

Yes, it was graceless and amateurish. Unusually so for an event which has become very polished in latter years. But fortunately it happened not to one of the many PR-controlled pop puppets who tend to populate the BRITS these days, but to one of our more spirited gals.

And so Adele did what Liam Gallagher would have done in the good old days when the ceremony was routinely shambolic, badly behaved and rich with swear words - she 'flung the middle finger', and swept off in a huff.

Reminding some of us of a time when the BRITS was a decent watch and pop stars' actual personalities - be they dull, dazzling or depraved - were revealed on live TV. Always good to see a girl stick it to The Man. Nice one 'Del.


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