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How Diane Keaton shows she's no dedicated follower of fashion

by Jane Graham

I love clothes but I hate the fascistic, lemmingy fashion world. With the exception of the individualistic Kate Moss, the industry's poster girls are tall, skinny young celebrities who slavishly follow the season's trends and rarely surprise.

It's a mutual back rub – free threads and front row show seats for gorgeous, influential A/B-listers whose collusion helps sell new gear every few months.

So cheers for Diane Keaton, who launched a million trouser suits in 1977 when her eccentric androgynous style was given free expression in Woody Allen's Annie Hall. Instantly (perilously) declared a fashion icon, she has gleefully flipped the bird at fashion trends ever since (starting with her so-called 'bag lady' 1978 Oscar winner's outfit).

Speaking of her 'exhibitionist' streak this week, she showed off her polka-dot socks and matching nail stickers (she doesn't do stylists) and said she made up for not being 'beautiful' by being unapologetically creative with her wardrobe.

That's the way to do it.

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