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How inspiring Obama took his cue just like a real movie star

By Jane Graham

As a keen politico, I've always been a fan of Obama's. As a film enthusiast, I love him even more.

We can argue forever about what he's achieved (in affordable healthcare, gay rights, equal pay for women, stem cell research etc) but there's no question he's one of the great orators, up there with John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King in terms of passion, intelligence and righteousness. And don't tell me words are worth nothing - if you can inspire like Obama, you can slowly change a national psyche. You can give it a conscience.

Obama is the movie star of movie stars, his tenure his celluloid. It's not just his charisma and stirring delivery of lines, but his innate understanding of the moment. When he paused after leaving the podium, then turned to take in the joyful half a million crowd he'd 'never see again' it was like the rousing last scene in a John Ford movie. Quite a thing.


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