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How lancing Boyle has ruined Mock The Week

By Jane Graham

Love him or hate him, Mock the Week has lost all of its teeth and at least half of its laughs with the departure of Frankie Boyle.

Boyle was an absolute find for the show — a relative unknown when it started, he went on to provide pretty much all of its memorable lines, most of which I can’t repeat in this family newspaper. He also secured the show a few news headlines, single-handedly maintaining the public perception of Mock the Week as a risky, cutting-edge show putting its head above the parapet in an increasingly insipid, fearful BBC.

Since he left, though, he has produced a brilliant autobiography and his stand-up show remains a joy. But on television Boyle has become a bland dilution of his former self, appearing on cosy panel shows like Would I Lie to You? I can’t believe he’s comfortable there. Sort it out guys, get Boyle back where he belongs.

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