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How Madge longed for a king's love

By Jane Graham

Madonna showed her vulnerable side this week when she admitted to the Radio Times that she'd never been loved by anyone as much as Edward VIII loved Mrs Simpson.

"How many wars have been waged to win the throne?'' she swooned. "And here's a man who walked away from that for love. For a romantic like me, I would say: 'Wow, to be loved like that.''

The old softie also told of her loneliness when she first moved to London with then husband Guy Ritchie. It was tough, she says, as she didn't have any friends and didn't know anybody.

One might have imagined that, as one of the most famous women in the world with a UK-based entourage that outnumbered J Lo and Jay Z's put together, she'd have the odd London phone number. But no, the poor thing was left to fester alone in Ritchie's castle, doing her best, she says now, to pick up some directing tips from her film director spouse along the way.

This image, of a fragile, over-awed, not quite loved enough young bride, popped up in my head on Wednesday when I read an interview with James D'Arcy, who plays Edward VIII in Madonna's new film WE.

Apparently Mad insisted he learn clay pigeon shooting, take daily dance lessons and 'master the bag pipes in six weeks' for the film, before cutting all the scenes in which he performed such activities.

I'm sure James would be comforted to know the tough exterior was hiding such a delicate and insecure little soul.


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