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How sponsors are taking shine off golden games

By Jane Graham

As a big sports fan I'm very excited about the Olympics. But damn, those LOCOG folk have worked hard to take the shine off.

I hate a whinger, but even I can see that being banned from bringing frisbees, big umbrellas or hats, bottles of water or 'excessive food' into venues (don't even think of wearing a Nike T-shirt), or being threatened with legal action if you knit a teddy an Olympic jumper and sell it for £1 at a charity jumble sale, or being told you can't drive on publicly-owned motorway lanes because they're prioritised for athletes (fair enough) and corporate 'friends' (um..) is a tad annoying.

Seb Coe seems to have forgotten that the public have funded a far bigger share of his Olympics than his big business chums. Still, in the spirit of pride and glory, come on Chris, Bradley, Victoria, Mo, Tom, Jessica and, from an Northern Ireland point of view - let's make history Paddy!


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