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Huhne's real sentence is the lost love of his son

Jane Graham

I thought the Leveson Inquiry into Press ethics had at least brought us to a better understanding on the difference between the public interest and things the public were interested in.

But the exposure of texts between disgraced MP Chris Huhne and his traumatised teenage son this week showed otherwise.

Chris Huhne lied, vociferously, for many years, about a stupid decision he took in 2003 to try to escape a speeding ban. For this there is no excuse.

But it doesn't explain why heart-rending texts, in which he tried to reach out to his son, over and over again, telling him he loved and was proud of him, only to be met with silence or the odd 'f**k off' or 'I hate you' were published in the press after the trial. They made a sad, sorry read and could only serve to upset a family already in shreds.

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