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I can't see old John getting over this hurdle

By Jane Graham

I'm delighted to see national treasure John McCririck isn't taking his sacking from Channel 4 Racing lying down, even though, judging from his stint on Wife Swap, lying down is how he appears to take most things, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The 72-year-old McCririck is suing Channel 4 for £3m on the grounds of age discrimination after being dropped from the show he's fronted for 29 years.

McCririck has come late to the politics of protest against inequality and discrimination, as his Channel 4 sidekick Tanya Stevenson, or 'the female' as he prefers to call her, will attest. It must have come as a shock to the man who told Ingrid Tarrant her husband Chris was probably unfaithful because she was 'bad in bed' to find that his freelance contract was not protected by the natural laws of righteousness and could, in fact, be ended like any old normal person. How I weep for him.


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