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I really enjoyed my Girls' night in

By Jane Graham

Maybe the boring hysteria over its 'graphic' sex scenes put people off Girls, the new Sky Atlantic series from writing/acting prodigy Lena Dunham. It didn't get a big audience in the UK. But what a shame, because Girls isn't gratuitous or cliched (forget the Sex & the City comparisons now). It's wittier than Juno, warmer than a log fire and as loveable as Wall-E.

But girls - don't watch it with your other half. It reveals secrets about us that it's best for them not to know. Like why we might opt for exciting role-play in which they play 'a totally different person who doesn't act like you'.

It's not about battling men, just how hard it is for us all to meet in a mutually beneficial middle. Dunham's pudgy Hannah is no glamourpuss, but neither is she a dowdy dud. She's extremely clever but also overwhelmingly huggable. I completely fell in love with her. See what you think.


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