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Ice cold Roy isn't game for a laugh

By Jane Graham

Hasn't Roy Keane been hilarious as a Euros TV pundit? Even when he's surrounded by laughter in the studio, his unimpressed frown never slips an inch.

On Tuesday night Adrian Chiles tried to tickle him to see if his frozen rage could be momentarily alleviated, but the unsmiling coldness with which Keane removed Chiles playful fingers from his person and returned the red-faced host to his seat made for excruciating viewing.

The brave-hearted singing of the hope-destroyed Irish fans after the Spain match was one of the most romantic, moving football moments I've ever seen.

But Angry Roy wasn't having any of it; the fans were making fools of themselves. England winning their group, he told his English colleagues, was no cause for celebration either.

He must wonder why the old tradition of going for a pint after the show has stopped, and why hotel guests seem to slow down to a quiet tip-toe when they pass his room at night.


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