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I’d be lost without my fix of TV charmer Luther

By Jane Graham

There are few TV shows I’ve changed my mind about as much as the frankly bizarre Luther.

Idris Elba is always compelling and occasionally brilliant (and perhaps it’s time to simply accept that he, along with all the other Wire cast members, will never have material of that calibre to work with again and get over it.)

However, he’s had to deliver some of the most ridiculous dialogue, and present some of the least convincing plot twists that I’ve seen on primetime for years — his hooking up with the lunatic mum-and-dad-murdering Alice Morgan being just one of them.

Just as I’m wondering whether to give up, or try to see the show as some kind of Hunter S Thompson-inspired psychotropic surrealist nightmare and get into its groove, there is a scene of such tenderness or intelligence that I find myself utterly charmed — and bewildered.

I have no idea why it was so silly when it clearly had the potential to be so great, but I have to admit I’ll be gutted if Luther isn’t recommissioned.

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