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It had its faults, but I will still sing a lament for HMV chain

By Jane Graham

I'm under no illusions that HMV was a bastion of integrity compared to the many independent hives of music-love, such as Terry Hooley's legendary Good Vibrations store, it out-survived.

I also accept it was badly managed, if bad management is not correctly predicting the future and hoping downloads would never outsell beautiful, tactile artifacts which could be smelled, stroked and stacked (it probably is unfortunately).

But I'm still saddened by HMV's demise.

I know people who work on the shop floor and in the upper echelons, and they really are huge music fans who sought their jobs so they could talk about music and films all day. It was one of the few shops left in which I could teach my kids about the joy of browsing through popular culture. But what bothers me most is that music has almost entirely disappeared from our High Street, once such a window for an array of British passions. Books next? God forbid.


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