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It was Alexa who had scooped the Turner prize

By Jane Graham

It was with a certain mournfulness that I read about the end of the affair between It Girl Alexa Chung and Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner this week. Mainly because so many of the reports suggested the split was inevitable due to Turner punching above his weight.

The papers have questioned Turner's suitability for fashion queen Alexa countless times, sniffily comparing Turner's scruffy hair, bargain bin jumpers and hang-dog schoolboy geeky looks to Alexa's on-trend wardrobe, unfeasibly long legs and Angelina-esque pout. The general feeling this week was that Alex had been riding his luck for a long time and this was always bound to happen.

I beg to differ. Alex Turner is an exceptional songwriter, one of the best British pop has produced in a decade. His lyrics are quite brilliant - evocative, funny, observant and, when he's writing about his girl, very touching. 'In an unusual place / When you're feeling far away /She does what the night does to the day'. Many of us would have died to have a boyfriend write like that about us when we were in our 20s.

He is a man of passion and wit with a rare talent. She is a pretty girl who looks good in clothes. Rather like Doctor Who's Matt Smith (smart, likeable, gifted young actor), who is constantly warned by the press that he won't keep hold of girlfriend Daisy Lowe (model with nice hair), Turner's beautiful ex has long detracted from his own unique value. And Ms Chung would probably be the first to agree.


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