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It's all a bit hard to stomach, Gwyneth

By Jane Graham

Can it be true that Gwyneth Paltrow bans her children – ages eight and six – from eating carbs?

Her new book claims gluten is bad for almost everyone and thus she has cut bread, cakes, pasta and all other foodie pleasures that warm you up on a cold winter's day out of her own, and her children's, diet. Leaving them all at times, she admits, with that "specific hunger" that comes with the avoidance of all such foods.

This isn't just daft – still-developing kids have unique energy needs and carbohydrates fulfil them – but depressingly unfair on poor little Apple and Moses.

A childhood without birthday cake, macaroni cheese or Jaffa Cakes is barely a childhood at all. You might as well go straight from the pram to your joyless diet-obsessed mid-thirties.

Is it the gruesomely strict requirements for being a Hollywood actress that makes so many rule-obsessed tight a***s?

Lighten up and have a banana fritter Gwyn!

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