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Jane Graham: BBC is still the queen of the airwaves

Apparently, research shows that a third of viewers think BBC1 is poor value for money and BBC2 provides less in-depth coverage of subjects than it used to.

In response to disappointing viewer perceptions, the BBC Trust - the corporations’ governing body - has demanded that the Beeb get more eclectic, imaginative and distinctive.

What rubbish. Of course a third of viewers aren’t satisfied. A third of UK residents are pathologically joyless, narrow-minded whining b******s who get off on opinion polls because they get to tell other groups in society that they’re useless - and are taken seriously.

The BBC is one of the greatest achievements of the last 100 years, and it’s as good now as it’s ever been.

Its populist programming - from The Apprentice to Masterchef - is miles ahead of the competition’s in terms of quality entertainment. Its comedy - The Trip, Rev, Getting On, The Thick of It - is peerless.

Its primetime drama, which this year has included the divine Sherlock, the clever, moving Ashes to Ashes and the consistently brilliant Doctor Who, just keeps on thrilling.

And then there are the documentaries — Gareth Malone! Brian Cox! Oh yes, and THE WHOLE OF BBC4!

And the SEVEN best radio stations in the WORLD!

The only thing wrong with the BBC right now is its obsequious director general Mark Thompson.

He should be shouting about how great his employees are from the top of Broadcasting House, but instead spends his time grovelling to the right-wing press and the government.

Like that whinging third of viewers, he simply doesn’t deserve the BBC.

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