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Jane Graham: Big Brother bride who just couldn’t stop smiling

By Jane Graham

Talking of great art(ifice), what a wondrous thing the wedding of former Big Brother contestants Mario and Lisa on Channel 4’s Wedding House this week was.

Mario, you’ll remember, was the health and safety fixated Sylvester Stallone lookalike who enjoyed innuendo-laden biscuit-dunking sessions with his glassy-eyed, lipstick-tattooed girlfriend Lisa in series 9.

Their TV romance climaxed when Mario proposed to Lisa with biro-scrawled placards through a window and she joyfully accepted.

The wedding was TV gold — an awe-inspiring metaphor for every grotesque development in mainstream 21st century culture.

Mario and Lisa had new faces for the day, having treated their features to Botox, fillers and lifts. Apart from a couple of family members the guests were celebrity lookalikes (Britney, Madonna, Victoria), including the cut-price George Clooney who gave Lisa away.

Were their feelings real? Impossible to tell — Lisa appeared to have had a permanent sneer stitched onto her new face and thus remained fascinatingly enigmatic to the end.

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