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Jane Graham: How Willow Palin is causing ripples in mum Sarah’s Tea Party

Remember what a scandal Tony Blair’s then 16-year-old son Euan caused when he was found drunk in Leicester Square after a night of post-exam partying?

PM Blair was squirming with embarrassment when he apologised for the terrible incident a few days later, admitting he’d been troubled enough to turn to poet Longfellow for words of comfort.

I wonder how Republican Tea Party pin-up Sarah Palin feels then about the Facebook spat into which her daughter Willow has weighed in with a rather choice bunch of phrases.

Willow called one (not unreasonable) critic of her mother on the site a ‘faggot’, declaring ‘your so gay’ and ‘your disgusting’, adding that another commentator was ‘effin fat as hell.’

I can’t decide what’s worse, the homophobia or the appalling grammar, but for all I know Mrs Palin has no problem with either.

Evidently neither education nor tolerance has a role in the Palins’ great American struggle.

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