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Jane Graham: Michael is my big Ball of fun

I love Christmas and all the things which have come to make up the traditions of my own festive holiday — mince pies, panto, Elf, hobby horses, The Pogues and Doctor Who ...

I also like my Christmas telly to be populated by those who embody the spirit of Christmas. So that’s a no to interviews with surly Victoria Wood and smug Ian Hislop and a yes to Russell Brand, David Tennant, Fr Dougal McGuire and, um, Michael Ball.

There I’ve said it. I am a secret Ballgirl. It’s not the singing I like but, as his appearance on this week’s Christmas Never Mind the Buzzcocks reminded me, this is a man with awesome joie de vivre who, no matter what’s happening, throws caution to the wind and joins in with total exuberance regardless.

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