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Jane Graham: Russell Brand can come round to my house for dinner any time

Having the ridiculously charismatic Russell Brand back doing interviews in the UK this week has reminded me how much I’ve missed him.

He’s gone all bigtime now, with a house in the Hollywood hills and an Adam Sandler-sponsored movie career. But he’s as funny and frank as ever.

His description of being torn between wanting fiancé Katy Perry to appreciate how much he was giving up for her and trying to ensure she would never find out (“I have not slept with anybody for 10 days. If I can just show you the chart here ... Statistics show that typically in this period, in a good month for Russell Brand sex industries ...”) was as hilarious as his description of falling in love with her — “I was smashed into by a locomotive of love” — was touching.

If she’s half as interesting as him, they must be the most entertaining dinner party guests in LA.

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