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Jane Graham: Why it’s sweet to tweet through pregnancy

By Jane Graham

I know many women were appalled and/or baffled by the story of the new mum who updated her twitter regularly all the way through giving birth, but I thought it was rather an admirable thing to do.

For one thing, anything that diverts your brain from that rather testing time is fine by me — whether it’s writing tweets, screaming or making your |partner role-play your favourite Alan Partridge sketches with you.

But more importantly, I think that it’s a good message to send out to terrified mothers-to-be — yes, giving birth is usually very difficult and painful, but it needn’t be the violent, brain-exploding, physically disabling nightmare that myth, Hollywood movies and smug experienced mothers like to tell us it is. Actually, for many women, it’s entirely manageable and at times even quite enjoyable. So if you’re expecting your first, don’t be too scared — you might be able to tweet your way right through it.

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