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Jane Graham: Why Simon Cowell should let his leading ladies be themselves

By Jane Graham

Not content with controlling the charts and the direction of western pop music, it seems Simon Cowell believes it is also part of his divine work on this Earth to control the women he works with.

His latest alleged instruction to Leona Lewis is to tone down her new ‘bad girl image’ (which seems to consist of wearing the odd low cut dress and going to parties) in order to maintain the clean cut persona which Simon has sold to the American market.

It isn’t the first example of him behaving like a disapproving father threatening to withdraw pocket money around grown women.

Rumour also has it that it was Cowell who ‘advised’ Cheryl Cole not to spend so much time with her new boyfriend/ counsellor/ special adviser Derek Hough.

He thought it made her look needy apparently, and desperation or loneliness is not a good look when one has a new album to promote.

On top of that, he is said to have ordered Alexandra Burke not to get any more tattoos earlier this year, clearly convinced that the big (Stateside) money is to be made from nice, pure girl next door types.

It’s no surprise that the man who gave us Five, Robson and Jerome and Westlife feels more comfortable around acts with all the danger of a lobotomised gerbil.

But you wonder if Cowell understands that helping someone become a celebrity doesn’t give you the right to tell them how to live and who to be friends with.

I hope that Leona tells him exactly where he can stick his caring advice.

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