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Jane Graham: Why tasty Pesto is the dish for me

By Jane Graham

I've written before of the lure of the Man Who Knows Stuff.

It is a phenomenon which many women understand well. It's made rock'n'roll stars of the likes of Gorgeous George Clarke, Beautiful Brian Cox and um, Groovy Gareth Malone, the energetic, excitable experts who have convinced entire swathes of the female population that architecture, astronomy and choral song are the new erogenous zones.

Girls, I have a new brainy crush. I didn't see this one coming and I may be about two years behind the curve.

But there's something about the chutzpah with which BBC financial expert Rockin'Robert Peston handles his sums, the way he tosses off phrases like 'offsetting the de-leveraging process' with such casual insouciance, which I'm finding delicious.

And he does it all, even the doomsday stuff, with such a flirtatious glint in his eye. Come his beloved economic apocalypse, I want to be holed up with Pesto.

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