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Jen has the last laugh... and that's a fact!

By Jane Graham

Sad news about the demise of Jennifer Aniston's relationship with Justin Theroux this week, wasn't it?

Readers of weekly women's mag Grazia were treated to some exclusive insider murmurs about the couple's pending split on Tuesday, with "numerous sources" exposing the fatally fragile nature of their relationship. Aniston and Theroux have entered their most "testing time" yet, revealed Grazia, with the latter's lack of commitment being a particular obstacle.

According to their unspecified sources the relationship is "pretty much all but over" and "unlikely to survive the next few weeks".

A good piece of goss about a genuine A-lister for sure, only slightly marred by the official announcement of the couple's happy engagement on exactly the same day.

It's a popular industry joke that unnamed 'sources' in newspaper or magazine stories often means "we made it up". But I'm not quite cynical enough to believe a vaguely credible mag would invent direct quotes and details, so I can only imagine that Grazia's sources have been having a laugh, pulling their leg or setting them up for an embarrassing fall.

Maybe this was just one big table-turning exercise so that the humiliation regularly suffered by celebrities and their families at the hands of badly researched, crude and heartless reporting could be experienced by a publication instead.

Either way, it does make for much more interesting celebrity 'news' in the future. If editors are being fed fake stories timed to coincide with contrary global headlines, reading their reports might at least be fun from now on.

Let the games begin.

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