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Jennifer Aniston's haircut is really not so important

By Jane Graham

Jennifer Aniston has had a trim. It's the kind of trim that most women will confirm almost no one, except perhaps your gay male friend, notices - she's gone from having long hair to slightly less long hair. I doubt I'd have clocked it myself when I saw the pictures if it hadn't been for the screaming headlines which ran around the world about Jen's 'drastic re-invention'.

I know we're all used to ludicrous over-reactions to celebrity haircuts in the Press, but this time I really wondered if the world had gone mad.

Aniston's 'new' style became the subject of numerous speculative articles about the state of her mental health (fragile), which man she might be targeting (Jake Gyllenhall apparently) and what new personality type she was aiming to present (more sophisticated).

Even crazier, the cut sparked wider analysis of the current state of modern women in the western world, and the psychological impact of moving into one's forties.

Actual serious analysis - these journalists weren't joking.

You could just laugh it all off. But isn't it frightening that in a week when Colonel Gaddafi was allegedly handing out guns to his supporters so they could murder their compatriots, as many column inches were devoted to a haircut.

I'm reminded of something Paris Hilton once said about preferring to remain uninformed about world events because the news was usually a downer.

The more you think about how such ignorance leaves consciences untroubled, the more grotesque it really is.

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