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Jessie J hits right note by leaving The Voice

By Jane Graham

It was Chaucer who first said all good things come to an end. If pushed, he'd probably have admitted that most rubbishy things come to an end as well, usually rather more quickly than the good things. And with pathetic little whimpers, rather than grand, tear-stained climaxes.

In other words, despite the BBC's brave, some might say foolhardy, commissioning of a third series, the sputtering to a wheezy demise of The Voice would not have surprised Geoffrey Chaucer.

It was Jessie J who jumped first. Though she'd "absolutely loved" doing the show, whose first winner sold a total of less than 1,000 albums, it was time, she said, to concentrate on singing.

Jessie is a woman who enjoys power and kudos. One wonders how enjoyable it was for her being part of a show in which singers had to out-scream each other, in a Mariah-style 'sing-off', to progress. When none other than badger buff Brian May called the show "the dullest, dumbest, most depressing programme on TV" this month... woah, that must have hurt.

Danny was next to go, just this week citing band commitments and also saying how proud he had been to be involved. So proud he was off after two years.

And now the worst of all news – has refused to confirm his return. It was weird, rather wonderful will, who looked the whole time like he was suppressing a giggle, who made it worth tuning in for five minutes. If he's not coming back, the BBC should do the right thing and pull the plug now.

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