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Just what the doctor ordered to keep your children happy

By Jane Graham

If David Cameron is serious about supporting anything that keeps families together, he should be handing out government grants and knighthoods to ensure the continued commitment from the makers of Doctor Who.

Yes, I know the corporation is already (and rightfully) State-financed. But these wizards go beyond the call of duty to come up with brilliant TV that week after week keeps kids literally glued to their parents (mine are usually to be found half-hiding behind me, arms strangling around my neck).

It’s not just the exciting plotlines and smart humour that sees mums and dads, daughters and sons huddle together on the sofa for each episode of the series, which resumed again last week. For children there’s also the totally uncynical celebration of childhood and the importance of the opinions of those going through it.

For mums there’s the repeated insistence on the value of familial love, as well as a plethora of inspiring, clever, athletic female characters (the boldest of whom is clearly — gasp — over 40!). And for dads there’s the constantly tugged refrain of nostalgia for their own youth, a simple boyhood world of adventure-filled dreams populated by superheroes and evil villains, all to be vividly discussed in the playground on a Monday morning. And for those who don’t buy into that, there’s Karen Gillen and her amazing legs.

What’s more, with its beautifully written explorations of long-term relationships, loss and regret, loneliness and friendship, Doctor Who is more likely to enhance your child’s emotional intelligence than any psychologist in the land. This Doctor really does know best.

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