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Katie Price is far from a model figure in nasty saga

By Jane Graham

There’s not much left to say about the immense scale of Katie Price’s self-fixated cruelty and I’ve long been aware that her tunnelling ego sees rock bottom as a challenge rather than a limit.

Her ‘divorce statement’ this week, though, made for fascinating reading, bearing in mind that it was a carefully constructed manifesto designed to elicit public sympathy and present Ms Price in the warmest, most flattering light possible.

It’s due to the lofty intentions of the statement that I found its content — a mixture of mind-boggling delusion, mean-spirited character assassination and simple stupidity — so incredible.

The irony of Price’s disgust with husband Alex Reid’s “desire to promote himself” has been well documented but what seemed nastier to me was Price’s callous public write-off of her marriage — to a man who says that he still loves her — as a “mistake”.

She went on to detail all the ways Reid has annoyed her of late, including what must be some humiliating revelations about how she tried to kick him out of the family home but he wouldn’t go.

It has obviously never occurred to Price that one of the reasons her ex, Peter Andre, retained his popularity while her own plummeted, was that he remained respectfully silent regarding the reasons for their split, never apportioning blame or casting personal blows.

She, meanwhile, thinks the best way to launch a charm offensive is to publicly kick her husband while he’s down.

Look out for karma Katie, it’s gonna get you in the end.

And it could be very ugly.

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