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Katy Perry's mum shouldn't bring her to book

By Jane Graham

There is feverish excitement in some quarters at the news Katy Perry's mother is touting for publishers for her book of revelations.

The planned autobiography is generating interest because of the dramatic turnaround which transformed little Katy from a good, God-fearing girl brought up by strict Christian pastor parents, to a kinky boob-flashing pop babe who made her name singing about the joys of lesbian snogs before marrying an ex-drug addict.

It's no surprise there is public and media appetite for hearing the story straight from the pastor's mouth.

But I just can't get my head round the idea of any mother selling the story of her child's life to make a few bucks. This kind of behaviour goes beyond workaday betrayal - it's in opposition to every bone in the average mother's body.

Most mums feel so protective of their offspring they'd do anything, including tell lies, to shield them. But according to alleged leaks of her book proposal, Perry Snr discusses her revulsion to Perry's overtly sexual image in stark terms.

Other parents who have sold stories about their famous children, an act often spun as a heroic deed to 'guide' young fans away from the dark side, include the mothers of Britney Spears, Eminem and Kerry Katona. Lindsay Lohan's dad released secretly recorded tapes of her phone calls.

Mrs Perry should take a good look at that list and seriously think again.


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