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Leandro will soon find Katie is no rose

By Jane Graham

There's a passage at the end of The Great Gatsby in which (spoiler alert!) Gatsby, disenchanted and hopeless, walks off to be alone.

"He must have looked up at an unfamiliar sky through frightening leaves and shivered as he found what a grotesque thing a rose is,'' Fitzgerald's Nick Carraway posits, summing up the moment when Gatsby, the great dreamer, is hit by the extent of his erstwhile delusion and the ugliness of reality.

It's a passage I often think about and it leapt into my head again this week when I saw Jordan promoting her new magazine, Katie, a timely addition to the woman's fashion/bed linen/perfume/chick lit/equestrian equipment/reality series/glamour calendar empire.

There she stood, sucking in her breath while a tiny pink diamond-encrusted leotard cut savagely into her pelvis, rigor-mortis smile fixed pointedly on her waxy, embalmed face, holding up her new publication, which is emblazoned with a picture of that same frozen, dead-eyed mahogany face.

And I wondered, was it disappointment, desperation, a fight with the ageing process or just the outward manifestation of the soul within, which left the once pretty girl looking like this.

I can't help feeling that boyfriend Leandro's Gatsby moment is about to befall him any day now, just as it did ex-husbands Peter Andre and Alex Reid. Gatsby's moment of gruesome revelation was followed by his death. I hope Leandro gets away with a quick plane ride back to Argentina.


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