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Little wonder Rory McIlroy is teed off by Nick Faldo chipping in with advice

By Jane Graham

Poor Rory McIlroy. He'd just got his breath back after telling feisty girlfriend tennis superstar Caroline Wozniacki she can't join the swanky club he's playing at this weekend, when he heard ex-Open champion Nick Faldo generously share with the world his opinion that Rory's confidence was 'damaged' and that he should 'concentrate on golf'.

Nick suggested Rory get to the course by 9am every day and stay there till 5pm, like Nick used to do.

The now cliched idea of the wild, unfocused Rory McIlroy seems to be based mainly on him having a glamorous girlfriend and endorsing some commercial products.

As he pointed out himself to Faldo in retort, he's actually been practising at Muirfield from 6.15am this week. So 9am must sound pretty laid back to him.

Winner of two majors at the age of 24, one wonders how much Rory requires the advice of self-satisfied old curtain-twitchers like Nick Faldo. My guess – not a jot.

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